Our Route

We have spent a lot of time planning and have finally come up a route.  Here is our itinerary of 22 countries as planned to date, (if you prefer a map click “MAP” on the right side bar):

12-Aug Fly to  LA
14-Aug Arrive  New Zealand
    Auckland overland to Christchurch, NZ
07-Sep Fly to  Sydney, Australia
    Overland to Cairns and back
11-Oct Fly to  Hong Kong
    to China Beijing, Xiian
    and back to Hong Kong
23-Oct Fly to  Ho Chi Minh Vietnam
    overland through Vietnam,  
    Cambodia,Laos, Malaysia, 
    Thailand, (leave fm Bangkok)
08-Feb Fly to  Mumbai, India
    overland due South Kerala and Goa,
    Fly back up to Katmandu, Nepal and make our way 
    to Delhi to catch our next flight
04-Apr Fly to  Amman, Jordan
11-Apr Fly to  Istanbul Turkey
    overland to Greece
23-May Fly to  Nairobi Kenya
    overland throughout Uganda
20-Jun Fly back to Athens, Greece
22-Jun Fly to  Madrid, Spain
02-Jul Fly to  Quito, Ecuador
    (God willing the Galapagos)
    fly to Bolivia and overland to Lima Peru.
10-Aug Fly to  Miami
    Home (ALREADY!?)

We literally had every place you could ever dream of on the list but quickly realized with advice posted by other world travellers, that we had to pare it down. You simply cannot spend 12 months as if on a “Contiki tour”. We (the parents) who are not 20-25 anymore, wanted to have time to stop, “smell the roses” (and other sense stimulating items no doubt!), and really get a chance to see experience, get immersed in a culture and get to know some people.  Not only that, we needed to manage costs and knew that one or two months in central Europe with a family of four could wipe out a good portion of the travel budget.  So Kev and I are saving that leg of the journey for our retirement years! (Boys you are on your own ticket for that one!)….


  1. All the best from S.Spiers clan. Make sure you take pictures displaying the Capital One logo (shirts, vests, or jacket).

  2. um now I understand why morgan wants to come with you guys…. you guys are going to some fantastic places!!

    have fun and take loads of pictures!

  3. Ok so I got goosebumps today thinking of you guys and LOVING the fact that I just spent a couple of days with you before you leave. I put myself in your shoes, Kim, just now for a moment and felt a big waft of fear. I think now that the reality of it all is weighing heavy upon you, that a little bit of panic might be in order. However, you are with your closest of clan and that brings a lot of comfort. I miss you already! See ya Friday.

  4. Hats off to you !! You are doing what most only dream of. I’ll be thinking of you (ran into Michelle at the Superstore and she told me of your travel plans !) – and will be checking your website for updates (living vicariously through you).
    Wishing you safe travels and all the very best.
    Cheers – Claudia (your long lost running pal)

  5. Kim, Kevin and Kids, well i guess you are on your now, have a great time and i look forward to visiting your site. I guess i will have to wait for your retirement years to see you in Italia!

    Love ya

  6. You are on your way today, and I am thinking of you constantly and sending my love and God Bless each of you and take care of each other and enjoy this wonderful adventure of the Spirit….will look forward to news each day or when you can get it on the site…..all my love always. Mom

  7. It’s great that you are all living your dream of this fantastic voyage. We are all thinking of you guys as you discover your new world in the year to come and praying that you’ll always be safe(especially Nan’s prayers). Take care.

  8. Lovely Photos Especailly Montain Maug……. Kevin & Kim – looking well!! You are living the dream- its 21 degrees here- Pool has had its cover on for 2 days now for the end of August!! Is that suppose to be? Did we even have a summer? Drink a few bevvys for me!!! ENJOY!!! Call me regarding Malta.

  9. Hello Kim and Kevin!
    Wanted to wish you all the best in your journey – sorry not to have been available for your farewell party (parties?) Know that you have inspired a lot of folks (including myself). Will be following your adventures.
    Sending much love,

  10. hey wow crazy china dont want to go there

  11. Love reading the account of your journey. Its my nightly read. Kim you should be a writer you do this so well. You make everything seem so interesting. NZ & Australia are two countries Gerry and I have always wanted to see. Maybe someday soon. The pics are great. How ever are you going to settle back to an ordinary life!!

  12. Kevin,
    I just finalized my itinerary for thailand and Vietnam. I will be in Bangkok from Dec 25th to the 28th. Then we are travelling south to Koh Tao for a week (Dec 29 – Jan 04), then in Koh Phangan until Jan 08. After that we are heading to Vietnam for a week 2 nights in Hoh Chi Minh and 4 nights in Ho Ane. Let me know where you will be and hopefully we can get together for a beer and some good thai food.

  13. I just thought I’d take a minute and try to feel your warmth!!! It’s R E A L L Y cold here this wk and I looking at your warm adventures with a hot tottie in hand!!! P.S. I Love the Volleyball shirt!!lol cant’s wait to cheers you all again!!!

  14. Hello Team Spiers! AM thinking on you moving about the planet as I don’t. I am ensconced in mi casa in sunny Mexico. Staying until April, reading, writing, resting, and…eating! I, too, thought I’d lose weight – HA! Too much good food.
    Look forward to hearing more about your travels.
    Sending love,

  15. Kim and Kevin,

    Just checking the site to see how your trip is going and that you are all well.

    You should write a book when you get home, it would be an inspiration to any family.

    Keep safe and great website.

    PS Cottage season is soon, and looking forward to the fishing, will let Kevin know if I catch a musky

  16. being a witness to history…everyday, and benefitting for a lifetime… from the perspective and the prospective. go mad team spiers. be well, and be safe.

  17. Time is just flying bye. I can’t believe you’ve been gone 10 months. Can’t wait to hear all about it. Hopefully you’ll have as many “coming home” parties as you did “going away parties.” Take care and be well. Love Paula

  18. We miss you guys we are all looking forward to seeing you soon.
    Kev I owe you a man hug.

    Cheers Derek and Carol

  19. cant believe it was a YEAR ago I met you guys in NZ !!!!! youre nearly home now – I hope to catch up with you then !
    God Bless you in your final travels
    xx Lydia

  20. ok you can come home now and maybe we will get he summer we are all waiting for!!!
    cu soon..

  21. Hi Kim, Kevn, Aaron and Brendan

    I saw the article in the Era today. I have thought of you at times throughout the year wondering how you were doing. It was nice to be able to read all about it on your website (and in the newspaper). It sounds like an amazing experience and brave adventure! It was fun to see pictures of all of you. Please pass on big hugs to Michelle and family. God Bless you all. You are wonderful family. xxoo

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